outreach, notes, miscellany

Abelian sandpile music I created by encoding a chip-firing dynamical system into MIDI data. See also the associated paper and talk from the 2019 BRIDGES conference for an explanation of the mathematics that generates the music.

A talk about vector fields on spheres for the Chico State undergraduate math seminar.

A talk in the Chico State colloquium about homotopy groups of spheres and algebra over the sphere spectrum.

Notes on parametrized spectra (prepared for a talk in the Raptis-Engel seminar on transfers).

Prospectus for the Higher Invariants Oberseminar on the Grothendieck-Teichmüller group, autumn 2015.

Notes from a seminar on duality in algebra and topology (organized with Oriol Raventós), spring 2015.

Soft Geometry: Mathematics Beyond Numbers. This is a general audience talk about the ideas of topology and algebraic invariants given as part of a lectures series organized by Wham City (an arts collective in Baltimore, USA). The audience was comprised of a range of different types of thinkers, and I think that they enjoyed the show (even, perhaps, the old acetate slides).

Notes on parametrized Thom spectra from a seminar talk at JHU.