Math 113: Honors One Variable Calculus (IBL)

Instructor: John Lind
Office: Krieger 216
Office hours: W 3--5pm

Teaching Assistant: John Ross
Office: Krieger 202
Office Hours: T 2.30--5pm


Here are some resources on writing mathematical proofs, using the typesetting system LaTeX, and other items of interest:

How to write proofs
On proof and progress in mathematics
A LaTeX Guide
A quick reference guide for typesetting math in LaTeX

Course Materials:

Sheet 0: Basics (tex)
Sheet 1: Introducing the Continuum (tex)
Sheet 2: The Topology of the Continuum (tex)
Sheet 3: The Continuum is Connected (tex)
Sheet 4: Compactness (tex)
Sheet 5: Continuous Functions (tex)
Sheet 6: The Mean Value Theorem and the Derivative as Linear Approximation (tex)
Sheet 7: Taylor Approximation (tex)


HW 1 (due 9/13) (tex)
HW 2 (due 9/20) (tex)
HW 3 (due 9/27) (tex)
HW 4 (due 10/4) (tex)
HW 5 (due 10/18) (tex)
HW 6 (due 10/25) (tex)
HW 7 (due 11/1) (tex)
HW 8 (due 11/11) (tex)
HW 9 (due 11/20) (tex)
HW 10 (due 12/4) (tex)